Digital Farming Practices

Digital Farming Practices

Digital Farming Practices

Today, technology, which affects every aspect of our lives, shows its presence and influence more and more each day in the agricultural sector, as in all other sectors.

Digital farming systems analyze the data it receives from the air and soil through the sensors and modules it contains, offers timing and planning suggestions for agricultural operations, and helps to prevent product losses thanks to early warning. It is a decision support system that maximizes the yield obtained from the farm and the quality and safety of the product, while protecting natural resources and reducing production costs such as electricity, agricultural inputs and irrigation.

abcoFARM is aware of the fact that digital agriculture systems and innovation in agriculture are the most important tools while achieving the goal of rich soil that is passed down from generation to generation and sustainable agriculture.abcoFARM, using these tools in a way that does affect the soil structure and product, protecting all natural resources, has the first fully integrated and fully automated  digital farming systems of an  international technology provider company in Turkey. 

In addition to abcoFARM's digital farming stations in olive orchards, There is also digital farming systems operating in a fully integrated and fully automated manner in 1000-decare citrus and stone fruit orchards that can remotely control irrigation from 28 different spots, report instant underground and outdoor temperature, track and report pests on site and give early warning with pest tracking cameras, which are also a part of the system.

abcoFARM anticipates the risks of frost, storm and precipitation with the information coming from the climate station located on its lands, and determines its workforce, integrated pest management operations, plant nutrition programs, abcoFARM also plans when and how much irrigation will be done with the soil moisture sensors installed. Thus, while saving energy and water, it plans to increase the yield and quality by giving the plant as much as it needs. With its digital pest tracking cameras, abcoFARM can detect the density of pests in the orchards and only intervenes when necessary, so protects the ecosystem & biodiversity and contributing to food security.

abcoFARM is planning to save in electricty costs,  plant nutrition and plant protection products, labor costs, but most importantly irrigation thanks to the digital agriculture stations that has been installed with the ultimate goal of sustainable agriculture In Türkiye, where water demand is increasing day by day with its growing population, developing economy and growing cities, Protecting and using our water resources efficiently is one of the most important issues for abcoFARM in its sustainable farming pathway.

abcoFARM sees digital agriculture systems as an important tool in passing the fertile lands of Çukurova down to future generations. In order to feed Turkey's population, which is estimated to exceed 100 million in the near future, in a healthy, safe and high quality manner, and to ensure that the future generations of Türkiye can have a global say in agriculture, which is a strategic sector, we must protect our soil presence and wealth. The return on investments made within the scope of sustainable farming practices is provided in a short time in environmental, social and economic aspects, and these practices are of great importance for the welfare and continuity of the farming profession.