From 60 Years of Circular Economy Based Industry Experience to Sustainable Farming

From 60 Years of Circular Economy Based Industry Experience to Sustainable Farming

About Us

Abdioğulları, one of the largest woven and knitted packaging manufacturers in Turkey, was established in 1963  by  Abdi Sütcü. Abdioğulları, which was established back in those years to supply the packaging materials especially needed by the agricultural producers of Çukurova, today supplies polypropylene and polyethylene woven, polyester non-woven and polyethylene film products, which provide raw materials to many sectors from agricultural and industrial packaging to technical textiles, and offers its products both for the domestic market and more than 60 different countries. Abdioğulları is one of the biggest industrial companies and exporters of Turkey, whose ranking is leveling up day by day in the ISO 500* and TİM 1000* lists.

Adopting the principle of continuous investment, with each new investment, Abdioğulları aims to contribute to the country's economy as well as to people and nature. With this investment approach, it represents the quality of Turkish goods to the world with the products it produces in 9 different production facilities on an area of 400.000m². As these economic investment continues, putting sustainability at the core of its "continuous investment" strategy, Abdioğulları, put into operation the Solar Power Plants (SPP), from which most of its energy is supplied, in 2016, and provided educational contribution scholarships to thousands of students within the framework of social assistance and solidarity culture. Abdioğulları also established Abdi Sütcü Health Services Vocational School affiliated to Çukurova University in 2017 and Abdi Sütcü Education, Culture and Aid Foundation in 2018 with the aim of gathering all social and educational support under the same roof and in a planned manner.

As the access to sufficient and quality food becoming more important, Abdioğulları made its first agricultural investment, and established abcoFARM in 2020 in order to pass the soil heritage of Çukurova, the land where it was founded and developed,down to future generations, and to meet the increasing food needs with efficient, quality and healthy products.

Founded in 2020, a young and innovative agricultural company abcoFARM, a subsidiary of Abdioğulları, is located on approximately 3 thousand decares of agricultural land; produces and sells olives, citrus fruits,stone fruits. Inspired by the innovative and pioneering character of Abdioğulları, abcoFARM has placed sustainable agriculture and digital agriculture, which are the most important tools to fulfill sustainable agricultural practices, at the core of its strategy.

Growing the most distinguished species of our country in its olive groves, abcoFARM has offered its customers not only table olives, but also natural extra virgin olive oil, which carries the divine gift and flavor of Çukurova soil. To deliver its products to all over the world right after the first citrus and stone fruit harvest in the 2023 harvest period, abcoFARM has started to carry out its branding and communication activities. abcoFARM goes down the road to become the new generation representative of the Turkish Fresh Fruit and Olive industry worldwide, with fully automated and fully integrated digital farming systems, good agriculture and sustainable farming practices.

* In the list prepared by ISO 500- Istanbul Chamber of Industry and which comprises Turkey's largest 500 industrial enterprises, Abdioğulları was ranked 263rd according to the sales figures from 2022 production.

*TİM1000- TİM 1000- Filpa Packaging and Foreign Trade, an Abdioğulları company, ranked 292nd in the list of Turkey's top 1000 exporters, according to 2022 export sales figures.