abcoFARM Agricultural Products

Our local Gemlik olives, which are grown in the fertile lands of Çukurova, are brined using only water and salt and do not contain any additives. They are carefully cultivated in abcoFARM orchards with "Good Agricultural Practices" by means of high-end digital agriculture stations in a safe and traceable manner.
Olive Oil
abcoFARM Extra Virgin Olive Oil, The "golden liquid" of the magnificent fruit olive, which has been the symbol of health and well-being throughout history, is offered to our consumers throughout the world.
The most special lemons of Çukurova, the world's citrus depot, that offer goodness and healing are grown in abcoFARM.
In abcoFARM, we grow the most special varieties of mandarin, which belongs to the citrus family and is indispensable for the winter months.
We deliver the delicious taste and rich aroma of nectarine, which is one of the most popular summer fruits and has antioxidant properties, from Çukurova to the whole world.
We grow the most special fragrant peach varieties in abcoFARM, which are indispensable for summer recipes and tables.